Scientist / Sr. Scientist, Immune Oncology

Full Time
Boston, MA


We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced immune-oncologist to join our antibody discovery and function analysis team for therapeutic antibody candidate development to utilize immunological principles to eradicate cancer. The position requires in-depth knowledge in the immuno-Oncology field. The qualified candidate should have hands on experience in establishing in vitro assays that interrogate immune system, skills in evaluating the effect of drug candidate, biomarkers, and knowledge of principles of hybridoma, antibody characterization, and functional analysis with strong collaborative and communication skills, and critical problem-solving abilities.


·        Develop and optimize cell based functional assays (immunology assays using primary cells, tumor cell line and function reporter cell system), for antibody in vitro functional characterization (e.g. signaling inhibition/activation, proliferation, cytotoxicity)

·        Conduct in multi-color/multi-parameter high throughput flow cytometry experiments and data analysis

·        Act as a liaison and forge collaborative relationships with other research units and contribute to target validation for biotherapeutic development

·        Contribute to authorship of technical reports for patent applications and scientific publications



·        Msc/PhD in immunology, molecular biology, or related life sciences

·        Expertise in immune-checkpoint modulation, T cell and other immune cell biology with knowledge of various therapeutics modalities

·        Technical expertise in establishment and validation of cell surface receptor binding assays, internalization by FACS, ELISA and other cell based assays

·        Demonstrated track record of independent critical thinking and scientific achievement in research, exemplified by the publication in peer-reviewed journals, or successful experiences in Bio-pharm industry

·        Excellent communication and organizational skills,

·        Self-motivated and adept at regularly delivering towards deadlines, and strong skills in troubleshooting

·        Take initiative readily and further develop expertise as needed; stay current on relevant literature


Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

·        Doctorate

Required experience:

immunology: 3-5 years



We offer competitive compensation package, for additional information, please contact: